Dogecoin The 34 Billion Currency Started as Joke

Dogecoin The 34 Billion Currency Started as Joke
Dogecoin is created in 2013 by software engineer Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It is intended to the alternative of Bitcoin

How Did Dogecoin become Popular 

After Space X founder frequently tweeted about a foux 'Doge' feature magzine cover,  the price of meme coin rose. 

Other celebrities rapper Snoop Dogg and rock musician Gene Simmons, have also promoted crypto assest. 

Dogecoin Recently Market Value 

Based on a Doge meme and started as a fun alternative to bitcoin. Dogecoin phenomenally rise this week add 19.9 billion in last 24 hours. Now its value at 34 billion according to CoinGacko, a market data. 

On Friday in US, the digital token value  at 28 cents, more than double its value a day before.  A top-10 crypto tokens, it has seen rise of 300%. 

Why Some are Concerned 

Some investors bare express fear that dogecoin's rise form a bubble, given that buyers see any meaningful value in digital token, and only trading to make money but price keeps going up.

Without having any intrinsic value like land or gold cryptocurrecies are considered highly volatile and may crash as fast as they can rise, expert says, making them susceptible to sudden scares as well as manipulation by small group who often uses large number of virtual Currency in circulation. 

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